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Saturday, April 21, 2012

LBP: Silent Hill Level

Little Big Planet
If you guys played Little Big Planet 1 during the first year it came out, then I'm sure you guys remembered this level. This level was a staple for the horror level creators. A classic and a masterpiece. This was the time when everyone was still starting off and logics weren't that advanced yet. This was the first level I played as well when I just got Little Big Planet during (2008 I believe). It shocked me on how much you can do on Little Big Planet!

Creator Name: MonkeyButler

This level is a bit hard to find now due to several reasons. According to comments, it is said that he only publish this page during Halloween; This level disappears on "Search levels"; This level isn't on "Top levels" anymore. So this is one of those levels that are really hard to find. If you do see this level, play it!

This level has earned a MASTERPIECE stamp from Creators-Club!

igotgame's Ghost Recon Future Soldier Wallpaper

I recommend everyone to download "Ghost Recon Future Soldier" beta. I currently play on the PS3 so I believe it's only available to PS Plus members as of the moment, but if you do have PS Plus, download it now!
  igotgame's DA page

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tumblr Thursday: The Mix #3

Sometimes, you can never get enough of Fallout. The vintage settings on the Fallout universe are really intriguing!
Follow us!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fallout-Posters.com threatened with Bethesda Lawsuit

Image from Source
Back in december of 2011, I set up a fansite dedicated to Fallout and Fallout art. Specifically, it contained several high-resolution Fallout-style posters, clearly inspired by the in-game posters of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.
I’m a huge Fallout-fan, so I went to all this work primarily to decorate my own apartment. However, after the 10-20 hours I spent making the posters, I thought: Hey, why don’t I share these posters with the other Fallout-fans out there?
That being said, I bought the domain name Fallout-posters.com and uploaded the high-resolution Fallout-posters to the page – offering them free to download for the Fallout-community. I also threw in some nice Fallout-vectors. All this was done out of pure “fandom”; I didn’t even include ads on the website.
Now, the original post got quite a bit of attention on Reddit, Stumbleupon and similar sites, and during the first few days, I got more than 100.000 unique visitors to the site. My host actually mailed me personally and forced me to move the site to a bigger server (which I paid had to pay extra for).
So far, so good. I made some free posters, set up a quick one-page site and leaned back to enjoy the fact that I was helping Fallout-fans around the globe.
But suddenly, after a few weeks, I got an email: What’s this in my inbox? A legal letter from the global law firm DLA Piper on behalf of Bethesda?
I'm surprised about this. For one, I wish I knew this website a little big sooner, because the arts in the Fallout universe are very intriguing. I don't understand why Bethesda would do this. Maybe because they did not think of the idea first? It's a waste because they (Bethesda) seem to merchandise their items on a limited basis. We need more merchandise flow from these companies so their wouldn't have happened in the first place. Good luck with the battle.

Source: http://stormen.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/threated-with-lawsuit-by-bethesda-this-was-my-reply/

Tuesday Tutorial: How to find Diamonds

Sweet Diamonds! I've almost gotten one, but I fell to the pit of lava. :(
Explains pretty much everything you need to know about mining diamonds. After seeing this and trying it out, diamonds are not gonna be a big deal for you anymore...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Montage Monday: Battlefield 3 [iDuel2010] Ft. [MongolFPS]

Battlefield 3
I want to post this one in particular for this week's Montage Monday because the editing is spectacular and unique!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Red Alert 3 Soda Bottle

The only way you can get this is if you worked on EA. My brother got it after Red Alert 3 got released (I believe). The Russian design made this soda look really nice. Its about 2 years old, so the fizz has faded. Leninade, Join the party!