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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Devil May Cry Wallpapers


Click on any of the pictures to be portaled to the wallpaper itself. These are all hand-picked.
Ready for the next Devil May Cry?

By SoftLady

By Cmg6930

Friday, December 28, 2012

Suggestions for a beat-em-up game

Creators Concept:

Anyone remember this game? I haven't got to play the NES version personally, but I did play the GBA version quite a lot. There are some cool features that this game has that was really interesting. The fact that your enemy can team up with you later on the game was pretty awesome. They will fight along side you beating up thugs. Their "item throws" can still affect you though.

In gameplay and mechanics, this is similar to Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, Castle Crashers, Double Dragon, Aliens vs. Predator (Arcade version) and The simpsons game (Arcade version). You get to do special attacks as well, and there are some RPG element in it, but its somehow subtle. Here is a gameplay video of the GBA version.

If you're planning to create a beat-em-up style game. Definitely check out River City Ransom, and try to incorporate their item system and mechanics in the game.
One beat-em-up game that managed to master this is Castle Crashers. The only suggestions I would give to people who are creating a "Castle Crashers type" game is to add "more flavor". Such as more attacks and items. Be generous. Beat-em-up games are perfect when the screen is chaotic.

Having an in-depth upgrade mechanic would be great as well.
Imagine if Castle Crashers has more weapon "styles" such as Chakram, Whips, Broadsword, Guns, and many more. (Check out Dungeon Fighters MMO) Then upgrade them using the Dark Cloud 2 upgrade mechanic of collecting little gems. That would be a badass beat-em up game.

Here are some suggestions for a beat-em-up game: Use this as an imagination generator.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bioshock Plasmid Posters


Check out these cool Bioshock posters I've found on Ebay. The whole set costs $25
I'll admit, there are something about vintage posters that makes me want to buy them. Nostalgia?

Bioshock Plasmid Posters - Set of 5


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Deus Ex: Amazing fan made teaser

I really hope there would be a Deus Ex movie, maybe starring Christian Bale. Definitely needs more yellow/orange filter though. Doesn't this remind you of Terminator somehow? Deus ex may becomes the next Terminator sensation. They manage to put the best parts from the game to the video itself; like the wall destruction and the badass boss.
Also, I do agree with the Youtube comments; definitely needs more orange filter.

Deus Ex Articles:
Deus Ex: Beautiful World
Tumblr Thursday: The Mix #1

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Prison Architect

Indie Watch

Check out Prison Architect by Introversion Sofware. If you check out their website, their purchase options are similar to funding websites like indiegogo or kickstarter. While the game is on Alpha phase, you can get access by buying the base pack, which costs $30. There are other options as well, such as having your name in the game, or having your face in the game for certain prices. There are also a Physical Pleasure pack which costs $100, and you get a soundtrack CD, a shirt, a poster and an art book.

"Within the first 72 hours, [the game] made over $100k" -MarioCatGaming

Prison Architect Website

I have my eye on this game because it looks really fun, and who doesn't like simulation games? maybe some do, but we creators love it!

Review of this game will be coming when the full-game releases.

Youtube Videos of Prison Architect:
Prison Architect Episode 1 by Calhoun347
Prison Architect #1 - Execution Chamber by YogscastSjin
Prison Architect! Part 1: Setting up by MarioCatGaming

$10 PSN Card Giveaway!

We are giving away a $10 PSN card to one lucky person. To enter, follow us on Twitter (@Creators_Club) then tweet

"Follow @Creators_Club and retweet to win a $10 PSN Card! http://creators-club.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html"

This giveaway ends on January 4, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We will be giving away tons of swags (Posters and physical items) and gift cards this year, so visit us daily. The codes will also be DM (Direct messaged) to your Twitter inbox, and I will ask permission if we can use your name as the winner for the "Giveaways" page. Good luck!

Monday, December 24, 2012

OST: Dark Cloud 2

Soundtrack Lookup:
If you've played Dark Cloud 2 before, then you should be able to remember how memorable the BGM was. The amazing thing about video game music is that you don't even have to play the game again to remember how amazing the game was. You just have to listen to the music the game has and you start remembering parts of the game.

The track is called "Balance Valley" included in the "Dark Chronicles Original Soundtrack" (Which cost about $55+ by the way)

The last time I played Dark Cloud 2 was when I was around (11-13, I can't remember), and I spent countless hours in that game. COUNTLESS. I have a save data that logged around 300+ hours and another with around 200+ hours. Dark Cloud 2 is just so in-depth that you start getting "into" the game. The story is compelling; the open-worldness; and the extras is enough to keep you playing the game for hours. I must say, out of thousands of games I've played (I'm not joking), this game is in my #1 list. I just can't emphasize on how much I love this game. It's pretty much part of my childhood.

If you haven't played Dark Cloud 2; here are some Youtube videos on what the game is like:
Dark Cloud 2 Video Review by Benzo8686
Let's Play Dark Cloud 2: Chapter 4 - Inventions

Games Similar to Dark Cloud 2
Rogue Galaxy, White Knight Chronicles I & II, Dark Cloud, Ni No Kuni.

Have you ever played Dark Cloud 2? Share your story.

Deus Ex: Beautiful World

Concept Art:

Screenshoted in PC version
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an amazing game. I know some audience begs to differ, but I know we can have a concensus agreement on one thing, we can agree that the concept art and game design is fabulous.
I can't emphasize on how many times I screen cap'd the architecture of this game. The building design, the ads, the fashion, the concept, and the overall concept is simply amazing. The creativity in this game is beyond what other games have never reached.

Observe the fashion and the atmosphere.
The fashion on this game is also well-thought out and definitely fits the theme. Look at Eliza (The first picture) and look at her dress. It's "interesting" and artistic.
The patterns are also integrated very well. (Note Adamn Jansen's coat / The glass on the first picture)
It's astonishing.

The warm atmosphere (Gold / Brown)of the game also gives that futuristic feel of a cybernetic era.

I also want to emphasize the furnitures in the game:
Interior Architecture / Look at the accent lighting on the corner
Look at the interior art design and the interior architecture / the lighting is magnificent.
Those are what inside the buildings look, now check out the exterior ad the architecture of this game.
Look at the architecture / the patterns / the ads / and the atmosphere
If you want to design a game with an amazing concept, definitely check out Deus Ex.
Their game environment design is a masterpiece.