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Monday, January 7, 2013

PS4 wishlist

Picture from sony-gamer.com great website! Picture is linked to the site, check it out.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one excited for the upcoming PS4, but for the next generation console, there are definitely some suggestions I hope will be implemented to its system.

PARTY CHAT - I believe this was the top 1 suggestion on the Playstation suggestion page on the PS Blog. What is taking Sony so long to implement party chat that Xbox has? The answer might be that they are reserving that feature for the PS4. Ding!

FASTER XMB - The lag on popping the XMB while playing games are atrocious. We all know because sometimes when we delete a friend while on the loading screen = stuck on XMB for a long long time. When the game finishes loading, we are still stuck on the XMB, we are immobile. Please make it as smooth as the Xbox 360 dashboard.

EXTEND FRIEND LIST - The maximum limit for your friend list is 100. I constantly have to delete someone to add someone, which gets really annoying. A feature to "Group" your friends will be nice as well, because you may sometimes forget who the person was or what game you met him.

SOCIAL - A social hub would be really nice (Steam has this). It would be nice to interact with other people about a certain game. If this is implemented, we would not have to go back and forth from the computer and from the PS3.

SCREENCAP / RECORD - Buying a capture card costs a lot of money. Heck, why not just implement a screencap and a record button? PS3 DOES have screencap feature but it limited to certain games or apps.

ANDROID - Integrate Android; so we don't have to worry about Ouya.

PS HOME - Make PS Home more integrated with the main XMB; therefore, the experience would not feel so separated.

HI QUALITY APPS - I love how PS3 integrates apps. The Picasa, Photo Album, Neon Alley, Laugh Factory, and etc. was a wonderful move. Why don't you put some software apps now such as a strong movie-editing tool? (Sony Vegas is a great movie editing and Acid) Just implement it so PS4 will not just be "That game console that just does gaming..". In this generation, the Smartphone is just constantly updating everything making it the hub of everything, why not consoles as well?

PRICING - Make one incredibly cheap, and one somewhat expensive with reasonable features within the pricing margins. I like how Sony made the early generation expensive because of the added PS2 support, and how the newest PS3 slim console are mad cheap, just do it right from the start so you're not isolating anyone in terms of financial situation.

AESTHETICALLY BEAUTIFUL - Make it beautiful; like how cars are becoming more extravagant by looks per year.

Steam got it right.. right? Except for Android.

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