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Friday, February 8, 2013

Welcome to Rapture Bioshock Shirt by ThinkGeek


Check out this cool shirt from ThinkGeek. I saw this shirt on wish.com and I said, "Hey, might as well post it to my site, since it looks cool". I might get one myself, but the problem is, it's out of stock!
This shirt costs $24.99 - $25.99 (excluding shipping). Here's to hoping they'll be back in stock!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ebay: Rare Fallout Nuka Cola Clock (Replica)

Want this replica of a Nuka Cola clock? Well, you're going to have to outbid for it because right now, the current bid is $177.50 with 25 bids. Take note that shipping will be an added $10.00, so technically, it's around $187.50, as of right now. (Article publish date). You only have 10H, 58M to bid for this, so start bidding!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ebay: Bioshock 2 Collectors Edition and Autographed Poster


One user in Ebay is selling a Bioshock 2 Collectors Edition game and an autographed Bioshock Infinite Poster. Starting bid is $175 with a "Buy now" price of $250, with a shipping cost of $23.32 Its a little costly, but real fans don't really find cost a factor at this point. You have (3D, 10H) to bid or buy at this point (Article's published date). Check em out!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to Make a Minecraft Server: 1.4.7

Tuesday Tutorial / Minecraft:

This video will pretty much cover everything on making your own Minecraft Server. So if you've been interested on creating your own server, check this video out.

Note: Creators-Club Minecraft Server is in work-in-progress. Send us a message via Twitter, Email or Comment if you're interested on becoming a mod.

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(I'm posting this a little early since I will be out on Tuesday)

Sims 3: Club-Palmfilia

Sims 3:
Made by Lancevfx
Check out the club I made in Sims 3. Its called "Club-Palmfilia" and the lot placement is suitable if the rear side has sand on it going downslope. It has a bar, dancing area, BBQ area, fireworks, and many more.

Note: If any of the sims isn't using the entrance of the lot properly, just add fences on each side of the lot so they would enter properly. It definitely varies by lot location.

add me on The Sims network for regular gifting!