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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ebay: The Last of Us American Dreams poster (Signed)


Up for auction is the very rare WonderCon 2013 exclusive art print for The Last of Us. The print was signed by creative director/writer for both the comic and game, Neil Druckmann and Cover Artist, Julian Totino Tedesco. I was fortunate enough to get the art print and Mr. Druckmann's autograph at the Dark Horse booth during WonderCon 2013, while Julian Totino Tedesco autograph was later obtained during my trip to the Philadelphia Comic Con (Wizard World). The art print measures at 17 x 11 inches and is in immaculate condition without any kind of damage whatsoever as you can see by the posted photos. As an added bonus I am also including the Dark Horse lanyard that was given out to the first few people in line at the Neil Druckmann signing (pictured)."

This is a real collectors item if you're a huge Last of Us fan. If you're planning to do a bid war, you will highly likely go against me. The Last of Us has a very "Comic" art style approach when it comes to prints and poster. The color scheme is also nice with the usage of purple and blue hue. The art is definitely not as deep and great as Uncharted, but this is a great print. You will only have 3D and 15H to bid on this signed print. Current bid is on $15.50 as of 6/26 with $6.95 shipping.

Signed by both Creative Director/Writer & Cover Artist

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Etsy: Mega Man Geek Line Artly (Signed)

Here's a cool looking fanart of MegaMan. I like the balance and the tone of this image. BarrettBiggers have a lot of interesting fanarts that you can buy (print) So I recommend you check his store out. BarrettBiggers Store. The print size is 16"x20" signed and in Giclee form. If you want more information; I posted a link below. $25 w/ $5 shipping in the US.

This poster would look really good in a modern contemporary home with a black and white theme going on. Definitely a great center-piece art for any MegaMan fan.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Etsy: Fallout New Vegas ED-E eye bot (Handmade)

DevilsJewel from Etsy created these amazing Fallout eye bots.
My latest and the most unique Fallout New Vegas eye-bot - ED-E!
I used every piece of information, concept art and the game itself, to create ED-E accurately detailed and true to original as possible. 

By now, it's the only ED-E eye-bot model available on the web. I used SCRAP METAL x3, SENSOR MODULE x2, and a SCRAP ELECTRONICS x1 to make it...just kiddin =) Every
miniature's main body is hand sculpted of firm polymer clay (not FIMO!),so you can be sure you receive a unique item, detailed with plastic and metal parts. Hand painted with professional modelling acryllics to recreate the actual 50's tech painting scheme and coated with fixative, to keep the paint safe. 
This ED-E measures approximately 5cm in diameter + approximately 10cm antennas.
Every eye-bot comes with suitable stainless steel wire display stand. 

I really enjoyed making this one! It's a must have item on the Fallout fan bookshelf. Don't miss you opportunity to put your hands on entirely handmade item, and join the limited group of ED-E miniature owners (by now,there's about 20 around the globe).

As a huge Fallout fan I guarantee a great detail and paint work!

Due all items are handmade and hand-painted, there's about 14 days of handling time, before your order is shipped.

Here you can read a bit more about my Eye-Bot miniatures:

This is a replica, non official item, inspired by Bethesda's video game. Item art and design work belong to the Bethesda team.
Definitely an amazing piece. This model costs $80 with $15 shipping. And there is only 1 available, according to the description.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ebay: Watchdog E3 2013 iPhone case, Pins, and Tin

Check out this Watchdogs E3 2013 collectors edition iPhone case, Pins and Tins. I can't find a picture of what it looks like or what the pins nor case looks like, but check out the Ebay Listing.
You only have 1D and 19H to bid for this item and the current bid is $26.00 with $4 shipping.

Etsy: The Last of Us Sticker 3 Pack


PixelBlock from Etsy created this awesome "The Last of Us" sticker 3 pack. If you love pixel art like I do, this is
definitely a great buy. The sticker pack costs $3

PixelBlock also has a lot of cool gaming pixel art stickers you can check out, which includes Pokemon, Starfox, Uncharted, and etc. We Support artists!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ebay: Bethesda Official Hoodie for Sale (XL)

A really rare Fallout 3 Hoodie has been listed on Ebay. The hoodie is brand new and "unopened". If you're a serious "Fallout" collector, you might want to check the ebay page. The Hoodie costs $99.99 with Free Shipping, Size XL.

Ebay: Bethesda Official Fallout XL Hoodie! Vault 101 RARE! Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas 

I would buy it, but I'm not a Size XL :( You have 4D and 9H to buy it, unless someone buys it first.