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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dragons Crown art-style is gorgeous! Review


To those who are familiar with Vanillaware, you already know that Dragon's Crown is going to be gorgeous, and how is that? Because Vanillaware has been known to create the most visually appealing video games in this generation. Its beautifully predictable. This game's art style has a very colorful Baroque/Rococo approach. The character's anatomy and the art style is also very transcendental from Odin Sphere. VERY COLORFUL. Every item, background setting, atmosphere is a masterpiece. As an art aficionado, every single frame of the game is worth a screenshot. I also believe that every detail in the game is hand-drawn. (Odin's Sphere has been known for that)

The animation is also amazing. It is very reminiscent to Odin's Sphere because of having a segment of each sprite having a separate animation. You have to appreciate that if something is hand-drawn and is treated like a sprite in the game, that is quite an achievement because you would have to draw every each frame of an animation. Here is a video to prove that; be sure to watch it in HD glory.

This game doesn't just look good, the gameplay is also fantastic. This game has a very strong RPG element with a fusion of a beat-em-up game. Equipment and item combination can get very in-depth in combination of its combat gameplay. This game surprised me on the number of features it offered, such as secret rooms, reviving an AI's bones, equipment depth, quests, and etc.

My only complain would be having to go in-and-out from a shop so everyone (local multiplayer) can buy an item, skills, repair, or etc. It gets very time consuming.

Gameplay: 9/10
Art Style: 10/10

In a generation filled with 3D games, it is finally nice to play and see a 2D game again.